Individuals by name: Madeline - Margaret O'Regan

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Madeline Page

Mandy Banfield

Manuel Alvarez Claro
Manuel Alvarez Claro
Manuel Del Amo
Manuel Del Amo

Maolrony O'Carroll

Marcella Galwey
Marcella Galwey (Death: 1847)
Marcella McEvoy (Death: 1826)

Marcus Ciappara

Margaret Antoinette - Margaret O'Regan
Margaret Antoinette Galwey (Death: 5 December 1884)
Margaret Atkins
Margaret Beasley
Margaret Bultingfort (Death: 1445)
Margaret Creagh (Death: 9 August 1822)
Margaret De Burgh
Margaret Fitzgerald
Margaret Galwey
Margaret Galwey
Margaret Galwey
Margaret Galwey (Christening: 11 April 1800)
Margaret Gould
Margaret Jantzen
Margaret Kavanagh
Margaret Louise Maitland
Margaret MacCurtin
Margaret McNamara
Margaret Morrison (Death: 1787)
Margaret Morrison (Birth: 1 August 1833; Death: 18 June 1850)
Margaret O'Regan (Death: 4 September 1891)

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