Individuals by surname: Byrne - Campbell

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Colclough Byrne
John Byrne

Ellen Rosa Cadiz (Death: 7 May 1913)
John Joseph Garcia Cadiz

Archibald Campbell
Arthur James Campbell
Barbara Campbell
Beverley Ruth Campbell
Christopher Campbell
Darrel Phillip Campbell
Doris Laura Leticia Campbell
Frances C Campbell (Birth: 1896)
Jacqueline Carol Campbell
James Craig Campbell (Birth: 1852; Death: 3 February 1920)
John Gordon Campbell (Birth: about 1898; Death: 18 March 1958)
Kathleen Campbell
Kathleen Campbell (Birth: 1916; Death: 2 May 1988)
Marguerita Campbell
Mick Campbell (Death: 1979)
Nell Campbell (Birth: 1912; Death: 1986)
Robert Campbell
Robert A Campbell (Birth: about 1880)
Sarah S Campbell (Birth: 1884)
William Stirling Campbell (Birth: 24 November 1901; Death: 3 November 1953)

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