Individuals by surname: Cotter - De Gand

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--- Cotter

Christina Mary Creagh
Christopher Creagh
Cornelius Creagh
Margaret Creagh (Death: 9 August 1822)
Partrick (of Cork) Creagh

Tony Cunningham

Elizabeth D'Arcy
John D'Arcy (Death: 30 May 1347)

Mary Davies
Rev Michael Davies

Helena Davy (Death: 10 August 1944)

De Angulo
Maria De Angulo

De Burgh
Joan De Burgh
Margaret De Burgh
Richard De Burgh (Death: 1243)
Richard De Burgh (Birth: C 1259; Death: 29 July 1326)
Walter De Burgh

De Burgo
John De Burgo

De Gand
Andrea De Gand

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