Families: De Labadie - Foley

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De Labadie
Etienne Alexandre Raoul De Labadie and Jane Butler

De Lacy
Hugh De Lacy and Emmeline De Ridelsford

De Yrissarri
Luis (of Malaga) De Yrissarri and Maria del Camen Galwey

De Yrissarri Bru
Luis De Yrissarri Bru and Concepcion Auyanet

De Yrissarri Galwey
Carlos De Yrissarri Galwey and Montserrat Bru

Del Amo
Manuel Del Amo
Manuel Del Amo and Paulina Alvarez Claro

Walter (of Fermoy) Dennehy and Kate Galwey (Marriage: 18 November 1851)

Thomas Desort and Mary Galwey (Marriage: 12 February 1852)

John Edward Despard and Joanna De Burgh Galwey

Edward Dowd and Alexina Penton Morrison Morrison (Marriage: about 1852)

Rafael Escano and Maria Luisa De Yrissarri Galwey

Sir John Esmonde and Helen Galwey (Marriage: 22 October 1742)

Johnny Franco Esposito and Kelly-Anne Smith

Evan Evans and Sarah Beanland (Marriage: 5 August 1793)

Gerald Fitzgerald and Alison Eustace
James Fitzgerald and Margaret Antoinette Galwey

Edmond Foley and Mary Anne Josephine Galwey
Thomas Nelson Traflagar Foley and Alicia Galwey
Walter (of Cork) Foley and Anastasia Galwey

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