Families: Frances - Galwey, Christopher

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William Frances

Jonathan Gabb and Maria

Galwey, Andrew - Galwey, Christopher
Andrew Galwey
Andrew Galwey and Catherine Roche
Andrew Knox Galwey and Kathleen Elizabeth Coey
Andrew Knox Galwey and Marguerita Campbell
Andrew Knox Galwey and Charlotte Hillier Rickards (Marriage: 4 September 1866)
Andrew Mark Galwey and Ruth Sloan
Anthony (of La Rochelle) Galwey and Maria Anne De Labadie (Marriage: 8 June 1761)
Anthony (of Malaga) Galwey and ---- Costello
Anthony (of Malaga) Galwey and Mary Galwey
Charles Galwey and Freda Boase
Charles Galwey and Honoria Tomkins Knox (Marriage: 9 April 1822)
Charles Edward Galwey and Anne Louisa Valentine
Charles Edward Galwey and Helena Davy
Charles Hillier Galwey and Anne Caroline O'Connel
Charles Hillier Galwey and Florence Forsythe
Charles Richard Galwey and Janet Mary Townshend
Christopher De Burgh Galwey and Katharine Joan Flynn
Christopher De Burgh Galwey and Edith Bertha Hargreaves (Marriage: 28 July 1877)
Christopher De Burgh Galwey and Mary Isabella Hewson (Marriage: 1907)
Christopher De Burgh Galwey and Dorothea Stinnear (Marriage: 27 August 1919)
Christopher Glenn Galwey and Kate Cooley
Christopher (of Knockrea) Galwey and Juliana Sarsfield

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