Families: Sankey - St Leger

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Matthew Villiers Sankey

Michael Sargent and Susan Cheeseman

Dominic (of Johnstown\Cork) Sarsfield and Helen Galwey
Hon Dominick Sarsfield and Catherine Galwey

Jim Scott and Merlin McCullagh

Robert Scribner and Delphine Mary Galwey

Vili Seagaiga and Barbara Campbell

William Emerson Shearman and Anne Galwey

Ian James Simpson and Gillian Margaret Galwey

Barry John Smith and Barbara Joyce Reid
Barry John Smith and Lynette Robyne Rorison
Frederick Smith and Elizabeth Townshend
James Henry Smith and Mary Eleanor Galwey (Marriage: 1889)
Ross Stanley Smith and Cynthia Shirley Down
Sidney William Smith and Doreen Merz (Marriage: 11 June 1938)

St Leger
Heyward St Leger and Elizabeth Gooken
Heyward St Leger and Anne Johnson
Heyward St Leger and Matilda Rogers
John St Leger and individual number 1144
Stratford Edward St Leger and Louisa Galwey
Warham St Leger
Warham St Leger and Margaret Atkins

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