The Galweys of Munster






As the claim of the Clanrickard family to descend from Charlemagne has been effectively disproved by Round, and the story of Sir John de Galwey and his de Burgh parentage cannot in my view be accepted, I do not propose to incorporate either in the following pedigrees.  Both are to be found in the Genealogy of The Galweys of Lota published in this Journal in 1925. 98  In that article the 1763 pedigree is fully set out, with certain additions by the contributor. Some of these were not altogether happy, for he confused William Galwey, Catholic Dean of Waterford, with his kinsman William Galwey, Protestant Archdeacon of Cashel, and fathered the latter's progeny upon the worthy dean

When preparing the genealogies for this work I had to consider how far that part of the 1763 pedigree covering the 14th—16th centuries could be relied on. Family papers and tradition enabled its maker to trace the Lota branch to John ` Mor ' Galwey (temp. James I), but no further, and there is no indication that, apart from a perusal of the list of Cork mayors, any records of the Tudor period or earlier were consulted. This is not surprising, for there were no published calendars of state papers in the eighteenth century, and the original records were difficult of access. But how then did the compiler come to know the names of the wives of every Galwey without exception in the line of succession from Mayor Geoffrey to John Mor ' ? Did he obtain them from some family pedigree handed down for many generations, or can it be that he drew on his own lively imagination, as he did when relating the legend of Sir John. de Galwey- ? This clearly called for further investigation, so I decided to see how far the earlier descent could be verified. This entailed considerable research, but as I do not wish to burden the reader with over-much detail a few examples of the inaccuracies brought to light will suffice:


1.  In the 1763 pedigree John ` Mor ' is shown as son of Patrick. But in the Civil Survey, 1654, the forfeiting proprietor of Lota is described as John Galwey fz Walter. 99




*     for Part I, Origin and Historical Outline, see. JCHAS, LXXI (1966) 138-158.

98   Vol. xxx, no. 132 (July-Dec. 1925) pp. 59-74.

        The article is unsigned, but I have reason to believe it was contributed by Richard Galwey of Lisduff, Co. Tipp., one of the Lota family.

99 The description ' forfeiting owner, 1641,' though commonly used, is inaccurate, as the lands

        of these owners did not change hands until after 1649 (see ITCHAS vol i (Sent-. 1895) n 427).

21      The Galweys of Munster        


2.  In the pedigree, Patrick is shown as mayor of Cork, 1582, and son of Richard But the mayor of that year in the list of mayors is described as Patrick Galwey f z Edmond. 100

3.  Going further back, the pedigree shows Mayor Geoffrey's wife as Elizabeth de Courcy. But in the inscription on his tomb and in a contemporary deed Margaret Bultingfort is named as his wife.101

4.  The pedigree describes the wife of his son Edmond as Mary Levallen, but the arms of Edmond's wife displayed on his tomb are those of the Arthur family,


In view of this and other errors the safest course seemed to be to disregard the 1763 pedigree covering the period in question, and try to construct one from State Papers and other contemporary sources. A study of these enabled me to start the pedigree with Walter Galwey living in the reign of Edward III, and to trace his descendants (who include Geoffrey, Mayor of Cork 1430) for five generations to Patrick Galwey of Kinsale, who granted a messuage in that town to Andrew Roche in 1494. But here we came to a dead end. It is however on record that these early Galweys held lands which were still owned by Galweys in the seventeenth century. This is important, for ` in proving a genealogy it must be remembered that in the descent of an estate in land must be sought the best evidence for a pedigree. 102

My next step therefore was to discover how far back the ancestry of John ` Mar ' could be proved from authentic sources. This on the face of it was a formidable task, but it was lightened by the propensity of the Galweys to entail their estates by elaborate settlements which included among the remainders distant as well as close relatives of the settler. Transcripts of several such instruments dating from the six­teenth century have fortunately been preserved, and a study of these in conjunction with inquisitions, grants of wardship and other contemporary records enabled the Lota line to be deduced from Patrick Galwey temp. Henry VII. His identity with Patrick the grantor of 1494 cannot be conclusively proved, but the weight of evidence goes to show that if they were not the same person the two were closely related. While then the gap between the earlier and later parts of the pedigree has not been wholly closed, I may at least claim to have narrowed it, and this on a basis of fact, not fiction 103





Walter Galwey who is referred to in a release of 20 June 1480 (infra) was probably the first of the family to settle in Kinsale. He may have migrated from Galway and derived his name therefrom, but there is no proof of this. He had issue :

1. Patrick, his heir.

John ' citizen of Waterford,' who had a pardon  for services rendered ' in 1375. 104 He is mentioned in an order from the King to the mayor and bailiffs of




100 The lists of mayors and sheriffs consulted are those in Smith, Cork ; Caulfield, Cork ; ibid, Kinsale ; M. F. Cusack, History of Cork : Tuckey's Cork Remembrancer (1837) p. 306: Lenihan, hist. of Limerick.

101  Galwey to Bultingforde 4 March 1414, Cal. Pat Rolls Ire. 1556-7.

102 O. Barron, ' Genealogy' in Encycl. Brit. (11th ed.) vol. ii, p. 576.

103 I should like to record my indebtedness to Lt.-Col. H. D. Gallwey for the valuable help he gave me in this connexion as in many others.

104 Cal. Pal & Close Rolls Ire. Hen. I1--Hen. VII (1828) p 90 b

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Waterford 1393. He had issue a son,

John Galwey fz John of Kinsale, who in May 1404 was appointed jointly with John Wynchedon and William Gowlys to enquire into certain matters in the counties of Limerick and Cork.105  In 1412 he, together with John, Meagh and John Wynchedon, was appointed ` to arrest all Irish enemies passing out of Ireland contrary to a statute made that year.106 On 24 May 1414 John Galwey was con­stituted a Coroner in Co. Cork.107  He m. Cecilia — and had issue,

John, described as ‘John son and heir of John Galvy’ in a grant of his wardship and marriage to James Cornewalsh on 8 Feb. 1424. The grant recites that he held lands in Rathfernane and elsewhere in Ireland which belonged to the deceased, who held them in capite by knight's service. 108  He had issue a daughter and heiress,

Elicia, who on 20 June 1480 released all her possessions in Cork, Waterford, Killkenny, Kildare, Dublin and Kerry to her cousin. William Galwey (infra).

The eldest son,

Patrick Galwey fz Walter, ` burgess of Kinsale ' held the lands of Culballymore, 1389. 109  He had a royal order in 1393 to take into custody the rebel Andrew Barret.  He had issue:

1. Geoffrey, his heir.

2. Richard, Bailiff of Limerick, 1414.

The eldest son,

Geoffrey Galwey, who is variously described as citizen a of Cork, of Limerick and of Waterford.  He had a release of Culballymore 20 April 1421.110  On 14 July 1423 he was granted a pardon from the King.111  He was Bailiff of Cork 1423 and Mayor in 1430 and 1436.  In 1442 he enfeoffed the Earl of Desmond of the manor of Gale in. Kinaley and all the other lands in Cork which he had from John fz Geoffrey Brit.112  In 1444 William Marreys settled certain lands in Cork on him and his sons, Richard, Geoffrey, Edmond, Walter and William.113  He died c. 1445 in Limerick, and was buried in St. Mary's Cathedral, His will was proved 12 Jan. 1445.114  Geoffrey Galwey m. Margaret, dau. of Richard Bultingfort, Mayor of Limerick 1375, 1387 and 1390, and by her had issue:

1. John, his heir,

2. Edmond, who was left lands at the Bridge, Limerick, under his father's will.  He

      erected the Galwey monument in St. Mary's, Limerick. He m. — Arthur.

      Patrick of Kinsale, to whom his father bequeathed ` my scarlet gown edged




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114  His inventory dated 5 Jan 1445 included two breast plates and a helmet.


23      The Galweys of Munster


with marten, my black hood, and a large pot' and rents in Kinsale.  Conveyed a messuage in Cork to John Bratnaghe in 1450, and Tulyvarney weir to John. Ultagh in 1458.115 He had with other issue:

(1) John of Kinsale, who is shown as. holding land in Kinsale between the sea and the high road, in 1486.116  He had issue a son and heir, Patrick of Kinsale, who granted a messuage therein to Andrew Roche by deed of  11 Dec. 1494.117

(2) Geoffrey, who on 2 April 1493 enfeoffed MacCarthy, lord of Carbery, of certain lands in exchange for his protection.118

4. William.

5. Walter.

6. Richard.

1. Margaret; to whom her father left for her marriage portion £`.6-13-4.

The eldest son,

John Galwey of Cork d.v.p., Administration of his estate was granted to his son William on 23 June 1444.119  He m. Katherine — , by whom he had issue a son and heir,

William Galwey of Cork, to whom Elicia Galwey released all her possessions in 1480 as above mentioned.  That his succession to her estate was contested appears from a deposition by Jordan, Bishop of Cork ` touching the marriage of John ,fz Geoffrey Galway and Katherine his wife, and the legitimacy of William, their son and heir.120  There is also on record a message from the Mayor of Cork and the Provost of Kinsale with their Councils to the Mayor and Bailiffs of Waterford, testifying that ' William was heir of John Galway, son and heir of Geoffrey and the heir of John fz Walter Galway forrnerly of the city of Waterford.'121 William Galwey is shown as Mayor of Cork in 1453, 1456, 1472, 1477, 1481.122   By his will made on Christmas Day, 1484, he left legacies to several churches and monasteries (including a pipe of wine to the Friars Preachers without the walls) and 20 pounds each to his married daughters (unnamed). Besides them he had issue,

1.  John his heir.

2. William, Mayor of Cork in one or more of the years 1484 1486, 1489, 1502

3. Geret,

The eldest son,

John Galwey, who is named as executor in his father's will, was Mayor of Cork 1504 and 1512.






      Patrick Galwey, who might be identified as Patrick Galwey fz John, the grator to Andrew Roche in 1494 (supra), but was more probably his son or grandson, had issue;



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1. Edward, his heir.

2. George, who had issue :

(1) Edmond, remainderman in the family settlement of John Galwey of Kinsale 8 March 1576, where he is described as Edmond fz George. He had a son, Patrick, Alderman of Cork, and Mayor 1582 and 1593.

(2) David, who is mentioned in a settlement made by Aid.  John Coppinger in 1623.123  He is included in a Pardon in 1600.124  He had issue two sons, Richard and John, both of whom are mentioned in remainder in the settlement of 8 Mardi 1576, and in that made by Sir Geoffrey Galwey, 1st Bt. 6 Aug. 1598.  Said John Galwey was a trustee of Ald. Edmond Galwey (d. 1618).

3. Walter, Alderman of Cork. It is possible that he was Walter Galwey who built

Dundanion Castle and mar. a dau. of Lord Kinsale, but the mutilated state of the

genealogical portion of the Galwey roll precludes any degree of certainty on the point,

The eldest son,

Edward Galwey, had a release from John Galwey fz Geoffrey of all his possessions in Cork and Kinsale in 1542,125 and a lease of the monastery of the Friars Preachers from Henry VIII.126  He was Bailiff of Cork, 1536, and Mayor 1560. He had issue :

1.  William his heir (of whom presently).

2.  Andrew, Alderman of Cork. He was Bailiff 1543 and 1544, and Mayor of Cork

1562 and 1569. He is mentioned in several Pardons temp. Elizabeth. He owned considerable property in Cork, Kinsale, Youghal, Kilmallock and Dungarvan, as well as Lota. Ballynecorry and other lands in Co. Cork. In his will dated 18 Nov. 1580 (proved Feb. 1580/81) he made a number of religious bequests and directed that he be buried in St. Peter's, Cork.  By his 1st wife (name unknown) he had issue:

(1) Walter, ancestor of the Galweys of Lota (of whom hereafter).

(2) Patrick, Bailiff of Cork 1577, and Mayor 1596 (he is described in the List of Mayors as Patrick Gallaway fz Andrew). He had issue:

(a) Geoffrey, Alderman of Cork, and Mayor 1632.127  He was appointed Common Speaker 16 Oct. 1635.128  He sat on a jury to enquire into a dispute between Thomas Sarsfield gent and Sir John fz Edmond Gerrald Knt. 22 Aug. 1629.129  He d. 17 June 1642 having had issue by his wife, Catherine Martell, a son, Ricihard.130

(b) James, who ` as a Mayor's son ' was admitted free of the city of Cork on 2 Sept. 1617.131

(3) Richard, whose legacy under his father's will was made conditional upon his not taking Holy Orders.

(4) Christopher of Knockrea, Alderman of Cork. His will dated 21 _July 1382 was proved 12 Sept. same year.132  He m. Juliana Sarsfield, and by her had issue a daughter,

Anastasia of Knockrea, whose wardship was granted to James Dayvies, gent. 13 April 1586. She m. her cousin Andrew Galwey fz Walter (q.v.)

(5) John, Bailiff of Cork 1596. He had issue,




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25      The Galweys of Munster


(a) James fz John, who on 30 May 1614 was admitted free of the city and paid 20/-.  He had a lawsuit with Philip Gold fz Gerrett in May 1618, in which the jury (which included Christopher Gallwey, gent) decided that the wall in dispute was a party wall, and should ' stand for a meare between the said parties.133

(b) George, who was admitted free for 20/-, which sum ' was allowed upon the £5 which his father lent the Corporation.134

1) Genet, m. Ald. John Goold fz Edmond, Mayor of Cork 1577, whom she survived. Her will dated 9 June 1582 was proved 22/6/82.

(2) Catherine, m. Edmond Terry, Mayor of Cork 1588.

      He (Andrew fz Edward) m. 2ndly, Catherine Roche, by whom he had issue :

(1) Francis of Cork. Under his father's will he was to be left in the custody of his half-brother, John, ' to be brought up in learning and the course of merchandise.' He appears to have engaged in the wine trade with France in partnership with his son Walter. He had issue:

(a) Walter of Cork. Admitted to the freedom of the City 25 May 1612, and

      admitted a Councillor II Sept. 1628, in consideration of £20 paid by him.

(b) James, who was admitted to the freedom of Cork 21 July 1620.

(2) Dominick, Alderman of Cork, and Mayor 1612.135

(3)  Stephen, of whom his half-brother Christopher was guardian.

3.  George, Alderman of Cork and Bailiff 1573 ; will proved 29 Apr. 1579. Buried in

      St. Peter's, Cork. He m. Joanna, dau. of John Waters, by whom he had issue :

(1) John, who is mentioned in the family settlements of 1598 and 1602.

(2) David, who had a Pardon 15 June 1600. He (as also Edward Gallwey fz Jame: and James Gallwey fz John, gents) served on a jury 4 May 1612, who found that by custom of the city it was lawful for George Goold to put up ladders for the reparation of his house in David Tyrry fz Edmond's lane.136

(1) Katherine.  (2) Ellyce.        (3) Ellen.

4. Geoffrey, executor to his bro. George. He was bound over with others in 1577 to keep the peace under a penalty of 20 cows.

5. James, who is mentioned in the will of his bro. Andrew. He was Bailiff of Cork 1567.  His son Edward was elected Common Speaker 24 Oct. 1614.

6. Patrick, who was made tutor of his bro. George's children under the latter's will 1. Genet, who had a legacy of 20 nobles from her bro. George.

The eldest son,

William Gallway, who is described as ' William Gallwey fz Edward of Cork, Alder-man ' in the settlement of 1576. He was Mayor of Cork 1366. He was seised of the advowsons of Kilgobbin and St. Nicholas, Cork.137  By his will dated 20 Feb. 1581 (proved 20 July 1581) he directed that he be buried in Christchurch, Cork, with his father and his first wife, Margaret Gould. He d. 20 May 1581 having had issue :

1. Edmond, his heir.

2. Arthur, admitted to the freedom of Cork 3 July 1611 ` in consideration of 10/-.' He is believed to be the ancestor of Capt. Arthur Galwey of Spike Island, whose estates were forfeited in the Williamite confiscation.

1. Ellen.

2. Anstace.


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The eldest son,

Edmond Gallwey ` alias Gallwey,' chief of the name,138  Alderman of Cork. He had livery of his father's lands 13 April 1586. These included Culballymore, Kilgobbin and Faren Roegy.  He was fined £6o for ‘contumacious recusancy’ by the Lord President of Munster and Sir John Davies in June 1606.139  He m. Anne Meade and d. 22 March 1616, having had issue 4 daughters viz Elicia, Nicola (who m. — White)140  Joanna and Anastasia (to whose several uses he settled the lands of Courleigh) and a son and heir,141

William Gallwey, Sheriff of Cork 1617.  He m. ante 1618.  He is referred to in the will of Ald. John Coppinger as 'Galwey, chief of the name.'  He d. ante 1632 leaving issue a son and heir.

Edmond Gallwey of Cork, shown as forfeiting proprietor in the Civil Survey, 1654. The lands forfeited included Culballymore and Faren Roegy.  He d. 1653 leaving issue a son, William, who appears to have been the last of his line.




Walter Galwey, eldest son and heir of Ald. Andrew Galwev fz Edward (supra) from whom he inherited Lota, Garrvcloyne, Ballyedmond and other lands in the co. and city of Cork and all his messuages in Youghal. Kinsale and Kilmallock, as well as bequests of silver plate and his 'best signett of golde graven with myne own crest'. He was Mayor of Cork 1578, and d. 14 Sept. 1581 143  having had issue,

1. John, his heir.

2. Andrew of Knockrea and Brownestown, which he acquired through his marriage with Anastace, dau. and heiress of Christopher Galwey of same (supra).144  He was High Sheriff, Co. Cork, 1611.145  He had a boundary dispute with Sir Dominick Sarsfield 28 Sept. 1610.146



138  The head of the house of Galwey was during this period styled ' Garrey ' or ' The Garvey.' A conveyance from H. Broune in 1610 mentions ' the garden of the Galwey of Cork ' (Browne MSS in Caulfield, Kinsale, p. 374) and Ald. John Coppinger in his will, (6 Dec. 1637) bequeaths a messtiage ' which I purchased from Galwey, chief of the name ' (Coppinger, Hist. Coppingers, p. 32).

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27      The Galweys of Munster        


3. Stephen, who was elected Sheriff of Cork by direction of the Lord Deputy and Council 29 Nov. 1616 but `did fly away from undergoing the office.'  The Lord Chief Justice found that his recusancy was the cause thereof, but that he, had not committed any offence.  Upon his subsequent refusal to serve he was however fined £3 and discharged from the office.147  He was High Sheriff, Co. Cork 1618 148 and d.c. 1625 (Admn. Bond, Cork).

The eldest son,

John Galwey of Garrycloyne, whose wardship and marriage was granted to Mr. Justice Meade 28 Oct. 1585 (Fiant 4771 Eliz). He was found by Inquisition temp. Jas. I to be seised of Newcastle, Garrycloyne and Kinsale Castle, and to have died 26 Nov. 1594 149 leaving issue :

1. Walter, his heir.

1. Catherine, m. 1st Hon. Dominick Sarsfield of Dominic's Court, second son of Dominick, 1st Viscount Sarsfield of Kilmallock.150  She m. 2ndly – Browned 151

2. Anstace to whom her aunt Mrs. Margaret Coppinger (sister of Lord Kilmallock) bequeathed  ‘30 silver buttons of the best I have.'152

The only son,

Walter Galwey, whose wardship and marriage was granted to Dominic Sarsfield (later Lord Kilmallock) with provision, for his education ‘in the English religion and habits in the College of the Holy Trinity, Dublin.'153  He m. Hon. — Sarsfield, dau. of 1st Viscount Kilmallock, and had issue,

1. John, his heir.

2. Stephen,154 m. Mary, dam of Garret Gould of Cork and had issue,

(1) Edward, a Royalist officer who followed Charles II to Flanders.155  In June

      1660 he submitted a petition under the Declaration of Breda to be received into

      the King's Grace.

(2) William, page to the Marquis de Cardenas, whose part in the escape of Charles II from Brussels and his later vicissitudes have already been recounted.

(1) Anastasia, m. Stephen White of Manister na Corra, Co. Cork.156

(2) Helen, m. Dominic Sarsfield of Johnstown, Co. Cork.157




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(3) Jane m. John Hodnet of Cork,158  by whom she had a dau. who m. Cornelius O'Brien of Fealick.

(4) Nicola, m. — Cotter.

3. Geoffrey.

The eldest son,

John Mor Galwey of Dundanion and or Ballyphegane was Sheriff of Cork 1644.  During his year of office he was forced by Inchiquin to proclaim the expulsion of the Irish and Catholic inhabitants.  He is shown in the Civil Survey 1654 as proprietor of Lotamore in 1641, but as these lands remained in the family it would seem that they were not forfeited. John Galwey is also shown as the owner of considerable property in Cork city, marked as ‘restored.' This suggests that, like his father, he was brought up as a Protestant, for the Cromwellian confiscations were avowedly on a religion:. basis. He m. Catherine, dau. of William Meade, Mayor of Cork 1600, by whom he had issue,

1. Edward, his heir.

2. Geoffrey, ancestor of the Galweys of Carrick, Malaga and Dungarvan (infra).

3. James, who was admitted a Free Burgess of Cork 1687; under James II's Letter for renewing the Charters of Irish Corporations.159

The eldest son,

Edward Galwey of Lota was included in a list of 'ancient natives and inhabitants of the citty of Cork’ submitted by James Coppinger to the Commonwealth govern­ment in 1652.160  He is shown as Titulado in the 'North Liberties of Cork in the Census of 1659, and was decreed Innocent at the Restoration Settlement. He purchased the lands of Lotabeg (which he had previouslv held on lease) on 11 Feb. 1673, and built thereon a mansion-house which he made the family- seat.161  He was a joint owner of the fisheries formerly held by the, Friars Preachers (Dominicans).162  On 29 May 1675 he was joined with the overseers of the parish church of Rathconey to ‘indifferently applot levy and collect . . . . not exceeding £36' for repairing the church.163 He d. 10 July 1680 and was bur. in the family vault in Rathconey. Edward Galwey m. 1st, Ellen, clan. of Ignatius Goold of Cork, by whom he had issue an only son,

John his heir (of whom presently)

      He m. 2ndly, Catherine, clan. of Stephen White of Manister na Corra, Co. Cork, and co-heiress with her sister nastasia of her brother William White.164  By her he had

      with other issue,

1.  Patrick of Rocklands and Lotamore, Colonel in the Jacobite army. He was ad‑

      judicated as within the articles of Limerick 7 Dec. 1694.  He m. Susanna Gwyn of Cork, who married 2ndly, Darby 0' Callaghan.  In his will dated 12 Feb 1699/1700 he mentions inter alia his nephews William, Edward and Walter Galwev, his




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164  William White followed Charles II into exile.  He died six months before the Restoration.



29      The Galweys of Munster


      brothers John and Walter, and his brother-in-law Thomas Coppinger.

1. Helen, m, 1669 Thomas Coppinger of Ballyvolane, Co. Cork (marr. articles dated 29 Jan. 1669). He was outlawed 1691 and his estates forfeited, but the Court of Claims in 1702 allowed the unsettled estates to be sold to Helen at a reduced rate in consideration of her marriage portion of £550. 165

2. Anastasia, m. William Therry of Cork and had issue Robert, Edward, Ellen and Catherine, all living in 1760.

The eldest son and heir,

John Galwey of Lota `bred to the law and very eminent in his profession' was admitted to Gray's Inn 16 May 1668 and subsequently called to the Bar in Ireland.166  He was M.P. for Cork City in the Parliament of 1689 and a J.P. for the county and city, and was appointed a Commissioner for applotting tax for Co. Cork under King James II's commission 10 April 1690.  For his adherence to the Jacobite cause he was outlawed in 1690 and his estates forfeited.  I have already related how his outlawry came to be reversed (17 June 1693), how he received a Royal Pardon (1 Aug. 1695), and how he got in and out of trouble with the Irish House of Commons in 1707 for taking young James Cotter to England.  He brought three claims before the Chichester House Commissioners in 1700, of which two were successful.167  His will, dated 7 Feb. 1711, was proved 17 Feb. 1712/13.  He was bur. in the family vault at Rathconev.168  He m. 1674 (' marriage Articles of the Lord John Galwey ' were dated 14 Jan. 1674) Elizabeth, dau. of Col. William Meade of Ballintubber, Co. Cork, by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. of Sir Robert Travers. Elizabeth Meade was sister of Sir John Meade, 1st Bt. (grandfather of the 1st Earl of Clanwilliam).169  By her, John Galwey had with other issue,

1. William, his heir.

1. Mary, b. 1680, m. July 1703 Michael Grace of Gracefield, Queen's County. She d. 28 Nov. 1736 at Gracefield and was bur. in the Grace mausoleum at Arles, Co. Kilkennv.170

2. Helen m. 1708 Rev. Philip Townsend, Vicar of Holy Trinity, Cork, sixth son of Col. Richard Townsend of Castle Townsend, High Sheriff, Co. Cork 1671.171  The only son and heir,

William Galwey of Lota, J.P. Co. Cork (commission dated io Sept. 1733). b. 1673. Admitted Gray's Inn 11 June 1700. Conformed 20 May 1720.172   Freeman of





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3o      Cork Historical and Archaeological Society


Kinsale 12 Nov. 1726. Trustee of the man. set. of Denis McCarthy of Cloghroe and Mary, dau. of Sir R. Meade Bt, Feb. 1728. 173  His will, dated 12 Feb 1733, was proved Sept. 1734.  He d. 12 Feb 1733/34, and was bur. at Rathconey.  He m. 1711 Mary Butler, dau. of Col. John Butler of Westcourt, Co. Kilkenny (2nd son of Hon. Richard Butler of Kilcash, the Confederate leader, and nephew of fames, 1st Duke of Ormonde)174 by Catherine, dau. of James Aylmer of Cragbrien, Co. Clare,175 and relict of Sir Nicholas Plunkett, M.P., Chairman of the General Assembly of the Catholic Confederacy 1642.176  By Mary his wife, William Galwey had issue,

1. John, his heir.

2. Richard of Danville, Co. Kilkenny, m. 1745 Margaret, dau. of Bryan Kavanagh of Borris, Co. Carlow, by Mary Butler, his wife, dau. of Col. Thomas Butler of Kilcash, and sister of John, 15th Earl of Ormonde (de jure).177

1. Elizabeth m. 1737 (M.L.B. Cork & Ross) William Coppinger of Ballyvolane, Co. Cork.178

2. Helen, m. 1742 her cousin, Sir John Esmonde, 5th Bt.179  (M.L.B. Cork and Ross 22 Oct. 1742).

3. Mary, m. c. 1757 Colclough Byrne oif Ballymanus, Co. Carlow, son of John Byrne of Cabinteely, Co. Dublin, by Mary Ann, dau. of Col. Dudley Colclough M.P. of Duffrey Hall and Mohory, Co. Wexford.180

The eldest son,

John Galwey of Lota and Westcourt (which he inherited from his uncle, Richard Butler, in 1758) was called to the Bar 1734, but does not appear to have practised. He re-settled the Lota estates 18 May 1772. By his will 27 Dec. 1791 (proved Feb. 1794) he directed that Westcourt be sold to provide portions for his sons Richard and William. l81  He d. 7 Sept. 1793 at Kilkenny, and was bur. 10 Sept. at Rathconey.






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176        Sir Nicholas Plunkett, third son of 9th Lord Killeen, and bro. of 1st Earl of Fingall.  He was knighted by Pope Innocent X, 21 Aug. 1648. The certificate of his knighthood is preserved among the Kenmare MSS.  Catherine Aylmer was his 3rd wife. Their o.c. Jane Plunkett m. 1st Viscount Kenmare. Achdall's Peerage (Lodge ed. 1789) vol. 6 p. 49 Aylmer, Lord Aylmer ' : MacLysaght, Kenmare Manuscripts p. 386.

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180 Colclough Byrne's bro. John, Chevalier O'Byrne of Lahour, was granted Letters of Nobility by Louis XV in 1771: Hayes, Biogr. Diet. of Irish irn France, p. 217. The Byrne pedigree is in Burke's L.G. (1836), vol. 1, p. 463. Another relative who lives in song as ` Billy Byrne of Bally­manus,' fought at Vinegar Hill, and was hanged in 1799 although he saved the lives of many loyalists : Crone, Diet. Ir. Biogr. (1908) p. 25. Col. Dudley Colclough sat for Enniscorthy and his father for Wexford in the Parliament of 1689. He m. 1691 Ann, dale of Hon. Francis Barnewall Davis, The Patriot Parliament, Burkes L.G.I. (1904) ` Colclough of Tintern Abbey.'

181 Westconrt als. Whites Court was sold to Valentine Smyth of Callan in 1796. It probably derived its name from the family of Le Blond als. White of Callan, who are mentioned in several 14th century deeds. It was the old manor house of Callan, and was acquired by the 3rd Earl of Ormond in 1391. Carrigan- Diocese of O.sesrv. vol. iii nn. 86 317


31      The Galweys of Munster


He. m. 1739 (marr. sett. 9 Feb. 1739) Jane O'Bryen (will dated 1 May 1769, proved 22/6/69) only child and heir of William O'Bryen of Anacross, Co. Cork (d. 1750)182 by Gertrude, his wife, dau. of John St. Leger of Old Court, son of Col. Heyward St. Leger of Heyward's Hill and Castlemore, Co. Cork, and cousin-german of Arthur, 1st Viscount Doneraile.183  By this lady John Galwey had issue,

1. William b. ante 1746, d.v.p. unm. June 176o : bur. at Rathconey 4 June.

2. John d.v.p. unm. April 1759. Bur. at Rathconey 29 April.

3. Edward, (of whom presently).

4. Richard, ancestor of the Fort Richard branch (infra).

5. John, ancestor of the Doon branch (infra).

6. William (Ven.) ancestor of the ' Archidiaconal branch ' (infra),

1. Gertrude, b. 15 May 1752, M. Oct. 1775 at Danville, James Blackney of Bally­cormack and Ballyellen, Co. Carlow,184 by whom she had a son Walter Blackney, M.P., for that county.185

2. Mary, b. 2 May 1756. She d. unm. Oct. 1765 and was bur. at Rathconey 28 Oct. 1765.

3. Jane, m. 9 Feb. 1788 at Cork (M.L.B. Cork and Ross) Sir Richard Kellett, 1st Bt. The eldest surviving son,

Edward Galwey of Lota succeeded.  He was elected a member of the Kinsale. Knot of the Friendly Brothers of St. Patrick 1785,186 and d. 1812.  He m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Mountiford Westropp of Mellon, Co. Limerick, 187 by Martha, dau. of Thomas Roberts of Britfieldstown, Co. Cork.  By her (who d. Jan. 1784 & was bur. at Rathconey) he had issue,

1. John, his heir.

2. Edward (Rear-Admiral), of whom presently.

3. William, (of whom later).

4. Richard, m. — and had, with other issue, a dau., Elizabeth whom. John Garcia, Stipendiary Magistrate, Trinidad. Their dau. Ellen Rosa Garcia m. Charles W. Warner C.B., Attorney-General, Trinidad, and was mother of Sir Pelham (`Plum') Warner. the well-known cricketer.

5. Mountiford Westropp, Lieut. R.N., b. 7 Feb. 1779 bapt. St. Marys Cathedral, Limerick ; d. unm. in the West Indies.





182 Capt. R. Boyle 'discovered ' to the Trustees for Forfeited Estates that Murtagh O'Brien of Anaghcross, forager for the Jacobite army, ' hath a personal estate of £2,000.' Frost, Hist. of Clare, p. 615.

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184 Married at Danville, the seat of Richd. Galwey esq., James Blackney of Ballvcormack esq. tc the truly amiable and accomplished Miss Gertrude Galwey, dau. of John Galwey of Westcourt esq.' (Finn's Lei-aster Journal 25-28 Oct. 1775).

185        The Blackneys, seated in Co. Carlow since the 17th century, descend from the Blackneys of Rickenhore, who ranked among the principal gentry in Co. Dublin in Tudor times. Hogan, Slat( of Ireland in 1598 pp. 38, 263: Blackall, ' The Blackneys of Ballyellen, in Ir. Geneal. vol. 3 no. 1 (1957) and vol. 3, no. 3 (1958).

186        The Kinsale Knot (branch) of the Friendly Order of St. Patrick founded 1754, became dormant c. 1860. Tts remarkable ladderback Presidential chair is preserved in Friendly Brothers House, a beautiful Georgian mansion in St. Stephens Green, Dublin. One of the objects of the Order was ' to put down the barbarous practice of duelling.'

187  See Burke's T_.G.I. (1958) ' Westropp of Attyflin ' at p. 756.


32      Cork Historical and Archaeological Society


6. James, ancestor of the Nadrid branch (infra).

7. Pierce, Capt. 26th Regt., m. Sarah Johnson of Trinidad, by whom he had issue (a) Edward b. 1813 (b) Richard b. 1818 (c) Mary Anne (d) Susan.  He was drowned off Cork Harbour with his two sons July 1830.

8. Thomas d. unm.

He m. 2ndly, 1790 (marr. sett. 22/10/90)  Martha, dau. of Randal Roberts of Britfields­town, and sister of Sir Thomas Roberts, 1st Bt.188  She d.s.p.

He m. 3rdly, 2 July 1807 Hannah, dau. of Poole Hickman of Kilmore, Co. Clare, and relict of William Harte of Knockferry, Co. Limerick. She d.s.p.

The eldest son,

John Galwey of Lota succeeded. Although a Protestant, he was chairman of the Cork Catholic Committee 1811, and in 1818 he donated a plot of land for a R.C. chapel at Whitechurch.189  He m. 1818 (marr. sett. 12/6/18) Susana, dau. of John Meares Grainger of Causetown, Co. Meath, and relict of Pierce Arthur (she d. 1836).  John Galwey d.s.p. 14 Jan1840, and was succeeded by his brother,

Edward Galwey of Lota, Rear-Admiral R.N., who entered the Navy 19 Feb. 1786 (Lieut. 24/2/93). He was selected by Lord Nelson to be his First Lieutenant on the flagship H.M.S. Vanguard, and for his gallant conduct at the Battle of the Nile was promoted Commander 3 Oct. 1798.  He served throughout the Napoleonic wars, in the course of which he captured or destroyed several French warships.190 He was ap­pointed Rear-Admiral of the White 10 Jan. 1837, and d. unm. 9 Aug. 1844 (Prob. 1845) when he was succeeded by his brother,

William Galwey of Lota b. 1776, Attorney-at-law ; Freeman of Limerick 28 June 1819. He practised in Cork until c. 1814, when he moved to Dublin. He d. 4 Dec. 1865 (Prob. 10 Jan. 1866).  He m. 24 May 1803 at Buttevant, Ann, dau. of James Norcott of Springfield, Co. Cork,191  by Jane Roberts, sister of Sir Thomas Roberts, 1st Bt.  By this lady (who d. 8 Aug. 1832) he had issue,

1. Edward, his heir.

2. William, admitted to King's Inn 1824.

3. John, who was admitted to King's Inn, Hilary, 1828, but later became a solicitor. He d. unm Jan. 1848 at Byblox, the seat of Major Crone.

1.  Jane, m. Richard Galwey, son of Ven. William Galwey, Archdeacon of Cashel (Wm).

The eldest son,

Edward Galwey of Lota, b. 25 Feb. 1804, ethic. T.C.D. (BA. 1825) was called to the Irish Bar, 1827. He m. 1st, 27 Nov. 1833, Cornelia Matilda, dau. of Heyward St. Leger of Heyward's Hill, by Matilda, dau. of Capt. Noblett Rogers, 46th Regt. Of





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191 According to Grove White the first of this family who came to Ireland was Wm. Norcott, Dean of Exeter and chaplain to William III, but the Norcott pedigree in R.G. Maunsell's History of Maunsell and related families deduces their descent from Rev. Charles Norcott, Vicar of Temple­quinlan, Co. Cork. (d. 1661) who migrated from Devon


33      The Galweys of Munster        


Lotamore, Cork, and Mary Davies, his wife, dau. of Ven. Michael Davies, Archdeacon of Cloyne. By her he had issue,

1.   John Edward, b. 1838, d.v.p. 1840.

1.   Matilda Anne of Lota, b. 4 Sept. 1834; d. 24 Jan. 1872, and was bur. in Doneraile parish Church (C. of I.).  She m. 30 Nov. 18J4 Edward Cavanagh Murphy B.L. of Strearnhill, Co. Cork, (d. 6/6/79) by whom she had issue :

Charles William Cavanagh Murphy of Streamhill, b. 1860, who inherited Old Court and other lands in Cork and Kinsale under his maternal grandfather's will.  He m. 1883 Charlotte Ann, dau. of Edward Courtenay of Waterford. He was living at the Grange, Curraghlass, in 1932.

Frances Matilda Murphy, m. 1885, Sampson Stawell of Crobeg, Co. Cork.

2.   Isabella Miranda, m. Surgeon-Gen. Henry Carden Herbert, son of Rev. Thomas Herbert, Rector of Killeentiern and Dysert.192

3.   Cornelia Letitia b. 1841, d. unm. in Sligo 6 Apr. 1864.

      He m. 2ndly, Sophia, dau. of Rev. Hugh Stewart and relic of Capt. Adair, but by her had no issue.  He d.s.p.m. 12 Nov. 1873 at 130 Lr. Baggot St. Dublin (Prob. 3 Dec. 1873).  He was the last Galwey owner of Lota in the male line.





Richard Galwey of Fort Richard, Co. Cork, second surviving son of John Galwey of Lota and Westcourt by Jane O'Bryen, was b. 17 June 1757.  He was gazetted Cornet, 14th Light Dragoons, 12 May 1777 and promoted Lieut. 29 June 1780 but retired a few months later (12/9/80).  He inherited the Reagrove and Rochestown estate from his great-aunt, Barbara St. Leger. and property in Cork under the will of his grand-mother, Gertrude O'Bryen.  He acquired Killowen near Kinsale c. 1787, which he re-named Fort Richard.  He d. there 18 Feb. 1826.  He m. 18 Jan. 1787 (marr. sett. 8/1/87) Margaret, dau. of Patrick Creagh of Cork (son of Christopher Creagh and Jane Galwev)193 by Margaret dau. of Dominick Trant of Ballintlea, Co. Kerry,194 and Ellen Ferriter, his wife, dau. of Capt. Pierce Ferriter of Ballvferriter, Co. Kerry.195  By his wife Margaret (who d. 9 Aug. 1822) he had with other issue,




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194 Margaret Trant was aunt of Major-Gen. Sir Nicholas Trant K.C.B., a distinguished Peninsular officer. For an account of Chevalier Thomas Trant of Ballintlea see Hayes, Diet. of Irishmen in France p. 300. The star of the Order of St. Louis was pinned on his breast with a lock of her own hair by Queen Marie Antoinette. See also S.M., ` The Trant Family ' in Kerry Arch.Ma.e. vol. ii (191214), MacLysaght, More Irish Families, "Trant p. 233 ; King, Mist. of Kerry.

195 Pierce Ferriter took a leading part in the siege of Tralee Castle by the Irish forces in 1641. A letter from Lady Kerry dissuading him from joining the Catholic party was intercepted by the Cromwellians, and he was hanged by them after the surrender of Ross Castle in 165.2. He was a noted Gaelic poet. Lady Kerry's letter and some of his poems are in ICHAS 2nd Series, vol. v, no. 4.4 (Oct-Dec. 1899). The Ferriters (originally le Fureters) were one of the first Anglo-Normans to settle in Kerry. They paid a tribute of hawks to the Earls of Desmond ; Hickson, Ireland in 17th century, vol. i, p. 165, vol. ii, p. 117 etc. King, Kist. of Kerry, The Irish Sword, vol. ii, no. 9 MacLysaght. Irish Families p. 291


34      Cork Historical and Archaeological Society


1. John his heir.

2. William, Capt. 77th Regt, b. 1799. He d. unm. 19 Dec. 1855 at 25 South Mall Cork (Prerog. will proved 1856).

3. Edward of Robert's Cove, Co. Cork, where he d.unm. 17 Apr. 1847.

1. Mary, m. 6 Dec. 1819 James Lombard of Killarney.

2. Catherine, m. 18 Jan. 1829 Francis Kyan, son of Major-Gen. Francis Kyan196 by Jane, dau. of James Blackney of Ballycormack Co. Carlow, and Gertrude Galwey his wife (supra). She (Catherine) had a dau. Gertude Kyan who m. Rt. Hon William Cogan P.C., M.P., of Tinode, Co. Wicklow.

3. Margaret, in. 1838 (marr. sett. 19/1/38) Alexander Foley McNemara J. P. of Cork, (son of John Foley McNemara of Sleaveen Co. Cork,197 by Belinda, dau. of Justin MacCarthy, `Doctor of Physick,' of Macroom,198)  by whom she had an only child and heiress,

 Margaret Creagh McNemara, m. 28 Apr. 1861 William Butler J.P. of Bunnahow, Co. Clare, High Sheriff 7863,199 and had with other issue (all of whom d.s.p.):

 Isabella Butler, m. 1 Sept. 1888 Henry Blackall of Garden Hill, Co. Lirnerick,200

      And had with other issue an eldest son :

Sir Henry William Butler Blackall  Q.C. LL.D., (Kyrenia, Cyprus), sometime

Attorney-General, Cyprus, Gold Coast; Chief Justice, Trinidad, Hong Kong; President, West Indian and West African Courts of Appeal; heir-general of  the Galweys of Fort Richard.

The eldest son,

John Galwey of Fort Richard, m. 15 May 1828 in the chapel of the British Embassy at the Hague, Jane, dau. of James Galwey J.P. of Madrid, Co. Cork (infra). He d. 13 Oct. 186o. Will dated 7 June 1856 (Prob. 19/11/6o). By his wife Jane (who d. 12 Jan. 1857) he had with other issue (all of whom d. unm),

1. Richard of Fort Richard, who succeeded. He was b. Nov. 1829 and d. unm. 7 Apr. 1864 (Admn. 20/5/64).

2. William St. John (of whom presently).

3. John William C.E. Died unm. 4 July 1872 at Mendoza, Argentina, while on the Trans-Andes Expedition.




196 Major-Gen. Kyan's bro. Esmonde Kyan, was one of the Wexford gentry who joined the rebels in 1798. He was executed together with Bagenal Harvey, Colclough and Grogan at Wexford, half an hour before the arrival of a reprieve which had been obtained by his brother. The Kyans descend from Donal O'Cahan, last chief of Derry (1589): Burke's L.G., 5th ed, vol. i, 'Kyan of Ballymurtagh,' Hogan, State of Ire, 1598, p. 272.

197 John Folev assumed the name McNemara as heir of his uncle John McNemara. The property eventually descended to the writer.

198 Belinda MacCarthy was sister of Dr. Florence MacCarthy, titular Bishop of Antinoe and co-adjutor Bishop of Cork. They descend from Donogh MacTeige MacCarthy of Dooneen, bro. of the well-known Sir Cormac MacTeige MacCarthy of Blarney Castle, 14th lord of Muskerry (temp. Eliz.) : Rev. T. J. Walsh, ' A bishop of the MacCarthvs' in, JCH.9 S, vol. Iv i, No. 183 (1951) pp. 11-17.

199 The Butlers of Bunnahow descend from Piers Butler of Grallagh, Co. Tipp., 2nd son of James, 10th Baron of Dunboyne, by Lady Joan Butler, dau. of Pierce, 8th Earl of Ormond : Burke's Peerage, ' Dunhoyne 13 ' : Burke's L.G.I. (1958) ' Blake Butler ' : Blackall, ' The Butlers of Co. Clare in N. Munster Antiq Jn. vol. vi, no. 4.

200 Descended from Thomas Blackall als Blackhall, who had a grant of 800 acres in Co. Limerick in 1667 under the Act of Settlement. His bro., Ald. George Blackall, was Lord Mayor of Dublin 1694, and the latter's gr. son, Sir Thomas Blackall, Lord Mayor in 1769 : ' Abstracts from Blackall


35      The Galweys of Munster


1.   Jane of Fort Richard, the last of her line, d. 9 Jan. 1929 at Southsea, Hants.

2. Margaret Antoinette, m. James Fitzgerald , d.s.p. 5 Dec. 1884.

3. Catherine, m. 1877 (marr. sett. 8 Dee. 1877) John W. de Villemont Galwey, son of Lieut-Gen. Sir Michael Galwey K.C.B. (see ' Galwey of Nadrid '). She d.s.p. 25 Dec. 1915.

Richard Galwey was succeeded by his brother,

William St. John Galwey, C.E., of Fort Richard, b. 24 June 1833, who had a dis­tinguished career as a railway engineer in India. He constructed the Jhelum Bridge (a mile in length) and the great Empress Bridge over the Sutlej river.201 He was drowned in a boating accident in Siam 7 Sept, 1891. He d. unm. and was the last Galwey of Fort Richard in the male line.





John Galwey of Doon, Co. Clare (which he acquired by marriage) and Rock Lodge, Co. Cork. was third surviving son of John Galwey of Lota by Jane O'Bryen. He was b. 1761 at Westcourt. Matric. T.C.D. 2 Feb. 1778. Ensign 75th Regt. 4 Apr. 1781, Lieut. 6/2/83. Retired 10/5/83 on half-pay, which he drew for 6o years.  He m. 1st, Alice Butler of Doon, Co. Clare, o. dau. of James Butler of Castlekeale, Co. Clare, High Sheriff 1743,202 by Mary, dau. of John Keating of Garranlea, Co. Tipp.203 By her he had issue James Butler Galwey and William Galwey, both of whom d. unm.

He m. 2ndly Emily Gould, dam of Ignatius Gould and sister of Nataniel Gould of Knockraha, Co. Cork. 204  He d. 17 March 1844 having issue by her:

1. Edward, his heir.

1. Catherine, b. 1793 M. 1819 (marr. sett. 12/4/19) Richard Barry of Barry's Lodge, Co. Cork, gr. s. of Edmond Barry of Dundullerick.205

2. Jane Kellett, b. 1796 M. Rev. Thomas Warren, Rector of Baltimore (see Makes' Peerage, ' Warren Bt.')

3. Frances, b. Moo m. 1st Denis McCarthy of East View, Co. Cork, and 2ndly, 27 June 1833 at St. Peter's, Cork, William Spread Henolley of Downing, Co. Cork.206

4. Mary b. 1804 M. 15 Oct. 1827 Tome X. Sampayo, Portuguese Consul in Ireland.

5. Gertrude b. 1796 bapt. St. Finbars, Cork, 3 Jan. 1796.

6. Ellen m. 1st, Moore La Barte of Cahir Castle, Co. Tipp., and 2ndly, Edward La Barte.207





201  Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, vol. cix. (1892), p. 399.

202 Son of James Butler of Castlekeale by Hon. Joan Butler, date of 7th Lord Cahir, and gr. son of the   well-known Sir Toby Butler M. P. Solicitor-General 1689.

203 Keating of Garranlea farmed 13,800 Irish acres in Co. Tipp. Arthur Young's Tour in Ireland (1892 ed) vol. i, p. 391.

204 The Goulds of Knockraha were the senior line of the house of Gould. The Goold baronets are a cadet branch of the family. Burke's Peerage (1863 ed.) ' Goal Bart.'

205 The Barrys of Dundullerick represented in the male line Barry Roe, Lords of Ibawne. Rev, E. Barry, ` Barrymore,' in JCHAS, vol. viii no. 55 (July-Sept. 1902), p. 129 et seq.

206 In 1612 Mr. Henley, an English gentleman dwelling in Roches country, but a RC, had his wife and children barbarously stripped and most of his tenants inhumanly murdered by adjacent English garrisons.' the said Henley 'being never in arms': Curry, Civil Wars of Ireland (1810) p. 631.

207 The La Bartes were Huguenots. Bartholemew La Barte was Mayor of Clonmel in 1719 and 1735 and Sn.milel in 1777 Henry Labarte m. 1828 Mary dau, of Sir Richard Tones of Clonmel.


36      Cork Historical and Archaeological Society


The only son,

Edward Galwey of Doon, J.P. Co. Clare, succeeded. His house was attacked by Terry Alts Feb. 1831.208  He m. June 1837 (marr. sett. 31/5/37) Louisa, dau. of James

      Galwey of Nadrid, and d. at Doon 7 Oct. 1859 having had with other issue :

1. John, his heir.

2. Edward b. 21 July 1840, tea-planter, d. June 1859 at Calcutta.

3. James Edward d. unm. 27 March 1887 at Mount Garutier, South Australia.

4. Christopher of Nelson, New Zealand, mar. Edith Hargreaves and had with other

      issue :

(I) Charles Edward d.s.p.

(2) Christopher De Burgh b. 4 Oct. 1879, m. 27 Aug. 1919 Dorothea, dau. of John Stinnear of Christchurch, N.Z. and d. 26 Feb. 1939 leaving issue,

John De Burgh of Fairlie, N.Z., b. 18 Jan. 1925, m. 23 Aug. 1947 Lorna Mary,

      dau. of William Saunders of Timaru, N.Z., by whom he had issue, (i) Douglas

      De Burgh, b. 25 June 1948. (ii) Christopher De Burgh, b. 30 Oct. 1950.

(1) Florence, m. Thomas Mayfield. She d.s.p.

(2) Alice Marion, m. William Willy.

(3) Constance Clare, m. Percy Edward Galwey of Blue Mountains, N.S.W., Australia (of which he was Mayor 1951-3 209 and had issue, two sons and one


The eldest son,

John Galwey of Doon, b. 2 March 1839, M. 13 Oct. 1865 at Quin, Christina Mary, dau. of Cornelius Creagh of Dangan, Co. Clare210 (she m. 2ndly, James Eaton Turner, M.D.). He d. 16 Apr. 1866 at Doon (admn. 11/6/66) having issue an only child and heiress,

Caroline (Trottie) Galwey of Doan, b. (posthumous) 21 Apr. 1866 at Dangan.

      She d. unm.





William Galwey (Ven.) Archdeacon of Cashel, sixth son of John Galwey of Lota and Westcourt by Jane O'Bryen (supra), b. 24 March 1762, educ. T.C,D. (B. A. 1784, M. A. 1807) Curate of Holy Trinity, Cork 1785, Rector of Abington 1796, collated Archdeacon 1807 J.P., Co. Limerick. He m. 10 June 1785 (marr. sett. 7/8/85 Lydia, dau. of Patrick Webb, Cornet, Gen. Bligh's Dragoons, of Hermitage, Co. Cork, son of Arthur Webb of Webbsborough, Co. Kilkenny,211 by Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Henry Wemys of Danesfort in same county)212 by Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of Capt.



208 A secret society similar to the Whiteboys. They were ironically named after one Terry Alt, a shoemaker of Corofin, who was so peacable that his neighbours jokingly laid all undetected crimes to his account.

209 Grandson of John Edward Galwey, whose family were printers in Dublin. He m. 1867 Elizabeth Tinkler, and emigrated to Australia, where he established a printing business in Sydney.  I possess no information about the ancestry or origin of this family.

210 Burke's L.G.J. (1904), ‘Creagh of Dangan,' See also n. 67.

211 Burke's L.GI. (1904), ‘Webb of Webbsborough.’

212 Burke's L.G.I. (18501. vol._ ii ‘Wemvs of Danesfort


37      The Galweys of Munster        


William Waldron. He d. June 1833 (bur. at O'Brien's Bridge) having had issue,

1. John (Rev.) b. 31 Dec. 1786, educ. T.C.D. (B.A., 1809) Rector of Clonbeg and Prebendary of Killardry (1824-9), M. Abigail, dau. of Robert Cooke of Kiltinane Castle, Co. Tipp.213 by Hannah, dau. of Sir Richard Wheeler-Cutfe, 1st Bt. She d. 28 Jan. 1877 (Prob. 12/4/77. He d.s.p. Nov. 1849.

2. William Patrick, Lieut. 26th Regt., b. 22 Dec. 1788, m. 30 July 1817, Eliza de Gondreville, clan. of a sugar-planter in Ile de France (Mauritius). She d. 18 May 1826. He d.s.p. Nov. 1627

3.   Robert, midshipman R.N., and (later) Merchant Service, b. 7 Aug. 1790, m. 1850 Margaret, dau. and co-heiress of William O'Regan, Barrister-at-law.214  She d. 9 Apr. 1891 act 89.  He d.s.p.

4. Charles (Ven.) of whom presently

5. Edward of Lisduff Co. Tipp. Barrister-at law, b. 7 Jan. 1798. m. 26 June 1835 Anne, dau. of Matthew Villiers Sankev of Coolmore, Co. Tipp.,215 by Mary, dau. of Rev. John Ellrington. She d. 25 Jan. 1879. He d.s.p. 9 Jan. 1879. (Prob. 24/3/79).

6. Richard, Attorney-at-law (Herbert Place, Dublin) b. 1801. Admitted King's Inn 1824, m. 14 Nov. 1835 Jane, dau. of William Galwey of Lota by Ann Norcott (supra), and d. 19 Nov. 1638 (bur. at Donnybrook) having had issue,

(1)  William, b. Herbert Pl. 3 Sept. 18 36. Educ. T.C.D. (B.A. 1857). He was an

      engineer in South America, where he m. Louisa ---216 and d. 1918, having had issue,

(a) Charles Edward D.S.O., Lt.-Col. 18th (Royal Irish) Regt., b. 11 Feb

      1871, d. 3 Apr. 1921. He m. 1st Anne Louisa, dau. of — Valentine of Belfast, by

      Anne Elizabeth, dau. of Charles De La Cherois Pardon M.B., F.R.C.S.I. (marr.

      dirs. 1904) by whom he had issue a son,

William Charles Vernon, O.B.E., M.C. (with Bar) Brigadier, Royal Signals, (Thurlestone, Knightsbridge, Devon, Arrny & Navy Club), b. Jersey 18 Feb. 1897, emd'd 18th (Royal Irish) Regt. 1914, with which he served in World War I.  On the disbandment of the Irish regiments in 1923 he transferred to the Royal Signals, in which he served in World War II as C.S.O., Palestine, Egypt, Central Cmd. India, and Far East Forces. Retired 1950.

      He m. 2ndly, Helena, dau. of David Davy (she was killed by enemy action 10 Aug. 1944), by whom he had issue,

(i) Reginald Hugo Dc Burgh (Edge of Beyond, Hythe, Kent), b. 7 May 1917, M. 9 Sept. 1939, Elizabeth Grace Fraser, by whom he had issue,

      Simon Hugo De Burgh, b. 9 Sept. 1940, M. 12 May 1962, Stella Jane, dau. of Lt.-Col. H. O. Seymour-Herdon.

(ii)Helena Patricia, b. 26 Mar. 1912, m. 14 July 1947 John George Patrick Murray (d. 31/12/49).

(a) Reginald Hugo, Major R.A., killed in a mutiny at Singapore 1915. Died unm. (a) Louisa

(b) Anne, m. Major Stratford Edward St, Leger, 18th (Royal Irish) Regt.





213 Descended from Edward Cooke who had a grant of 1300 acres in Co. Tipp. and Limerick under the Act of Settlement. The Cookes acquired Kiltinane Castle, the ancient seat of the Barons of Dunboyne, c. 1720. Burke's L.G.I. (1904), `Cooke of Kiltinane.'

214 Her sister and co-heir m. Sir John Franks; Burke's L.G.I. (1904) ` Franks of Ballyscaddane.'

215 Descended from Col. Hierome Sankey, a Proctor at Oxford Univ., ' but more fit to be a rude soldier than a scholar.' He came to Ireland with Cromwell and was wounded at the capture of Dundrum Castle 1650. As Governor of Clonmel he is said to have treated the Irish with the utmost            severity. Wolfe, Fasti Oxon; Dunlop, Commonwealth, vol. i, p.                n. 1 ; Burke's L.G.T. (1904) ' Sankey of Coolmore.'

216 She was known in the family as ‘Spanish Lou’ so was probably a South  American.


38      Cork Historical and Archaeological Society


(2) Richard of Lisduff, Co. Tipp, which he inherited from his uncle Edward Galwey. He had previously resided at Castleview, Nenagh, and Rockvalley, Co. Tipp.  He m. Oct. 1866 Alice Maud Mary, dan. of Maurice Studdert of Lodge, Co. Tipp,217 by Elizabeth, dau. of Joshua Minnitt of Annabeg, Co. Tipp., and had issue,

(a)  Edward.   (b) Richard Maurice.

(a.) Eliza Anne, m. Matthew Barrett, d. 1952.

(b) Isabella Jane, b. 20 Feb. 1874, d. unm. to Aug. 1894.

(c) Alice Maud Mary, b. 7 Dec. 1876, m. Arthur Chanter.

(1) Lydia Anne b. 17 Dec. 1838 (bapt. Baggotrath Ch. Dublin) m. 17 Oct. 1870 at St. Peter's, Dublin, Patrick John Molonv J. P. of Cragg, by Anna, dau. of Denis Canny ,T.P. of Clonmoney, both in Co. Clare. and had issue an o.c. and heiress, Alicia Lydia Molonv of Cragg, bapt. 21 Aug. 18i3, who d. unm.218

1. Lydia Elizabeth, b. 7 Jan. 1794 d. unm. at Newtown Mountkennedy, Co. Wicklow, 28 Mav 1837.

2. Isabella, b. S Doc.. 1795, d. unm. 5 Apr. 1867 (Prob. 30/4/67).

The fourth son,

Charles Galwey (Vela.), Archdeacon of Derry, b. 3 May 1792, educ. T.C.D. (BA. 1814), Rector of Moville 1830-32, of Badonev 1852-60, collated Archdeacon 1860, resigned 1873. He m. 9 Apr. 1822 Honoria Tomkins (d. 16 Feb. 1881 act 8i), dan. of Col. Andrew Knox of Prehen, Co. Derry, M.P. in the Irish Parliament at the Union, by Honoria, dau. and heiress of Andrew Tomkins of Prehen,219 and d, 13 March 1882, having issue (with a son William, who d. 1823 in infancy,

1.   William C.E., b. 12 July 1825, matric. T.G.D. 1546. Engineer, Bombay and Baroda Rlwy, m. 30 Oct. 1855 in Bombay, Eleanor, dau. of Joshua Minnitt of Annaghbeg (see that family in Burke's L.C.I., (1904) by Mary, dau. of Capt. Nicholas Toler Kingsley, 8th Regt., and d. 16 Sept. 187 6 at Wellington, N.Z., having had issue (with four daus. all of whom m. in New Zealand),

(1) Charles, C.E., b. 30 Nov. 1856 in India, educ. T.C.D., settled in New Zealand.

(2) Henry, b. 1861.

(3) John De Burgh (Rev), Canon of Christchurch, N.Z.

2.   Andrew Knox (of whom presently).

3.   Charles Richard C.E., b. Gortgowan S Aug. 1840, M. Janet, dau. of Horatio Uniacke Townshend, County Surveyor, Queen's Co.,220 by Louisa, dau. of John Clarke of Wilfield, Co. Dublin. He d. 15 Jan. 1894 at Lacken, Co. Kilkenny


217 Burke's L.G.I. (1958) ' Studdert late of Bunratty Castle ' : Major-Gen R. H. Studdert The Studdert Family (privately printed 1960) p. 135.

218 Burke's L.G.I. (1904), p. 408 and Crisp, Visitation of Ireland (1904), vol. 4, p. 28, `Molony of Cragg.'

218 Knox of Prehen was the senior line of the ancient Scottish house of Knox. Burke's L.G.I (1904) Knox of Preteen.' The claim of the earls of Ranfurly, which formerly appeared in Burke'; Peerage, has been withdrawn from recent editions : cf. 1949 and 1963 eds.

220 See Burke's L.G.I. (1958) p. 701 ' Townshend of Castletownshend ' The Townshends of Townsends claim descent from the Norfolk family of which the Marquess Townshend is head. Until mid-19th century the Irish branch spelt their name 'Townsend.' For a note on its orthography see Burke's  (1850), vol. ii, p. 1418 ' Townsend of Castle Townsend.'

221 Agnes Warner was second cousin to C. W. Warner C.B, (supra).


39      The Galweys of Munster        


(epitaph in St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny), having had issue (with two sons, who d. in infancy),

(1) John Edward De Burgh of `Lota,' Foxrock, Co. Dublin, b. 31 Oct. 1870, m. 28 July 1908, Catherine Mary, dal'. of Major Edwin Grogan, Warwickshire Regt., by Agnes Emma, dau. of Robert Edward Warner and Agnes Emma, his wife, dau. of Admiral Bowie, R.N.221

(1) Lilian Mary Isobel, b. 1875, d. unm. 12 July 1594.

(2) Janet Hildegarde Townshend, d. unm. 9 May 1955.

4. John, Ensign, 103rd Bombay Fusiliers, b. 23 Oct. 1843, d. unm. 4 Apr. 1865 at the Fort of Asseeghur, of cholera.

(1) Mary, b. 23 Apr. 1823, M. 2 Dec. 1852 Thomas Desart.

(2) Lydia, d. unm. 19 Aug. 1826.

(3) Honoria Tomkins, b. 31 May 1830 at Gortgowan rectory, Moville, Co. Donegal ;

      a great authority on Irish folksongs. She collected the tunes of itinerant

      fiddlers and pipers, and thus preserved many old folksongs that, but for her,

      would have been lost.222 She d. unm. act 95.

(4) Isabella Frances, b. 22-Aug. 1832 at Gortgowan, d. unm.

(5) Caroline Jane Benjamina, b. 8 July 1838, m. 7 Jan. 1875 at St. Columba's Cath. Derry, Very Rev. Richard Bennett, Dean of Raphoe. She was author of The Galweys of Lota (1909). She d. 1934.

The second son,

Andrew Knox Galwey, Irish Lights Service, b. 17 Dec. 1835, M. 4 Sept. 1866, Charlotte Hillier (1843-1916), dau. of Robert Rickards J.P. of Castlefield, Glamorgan­shire,223 by Caroline, dau. of Andrew Knox of Prehen, and had with other issue,

1. Robert Knox b. 25 Dec. 1875, m. Marie Gerda nee Mahon (d. 24 June 1949)

      and had issue,

(1) Andrew Knox, b. 12 Oct. 1903, m. 21 Dec. 1928 Marguerita Campbell, and had with other issue,

      Andrew Knox, B.Sc. Ph. D. (London), A.R.I.C., Lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Queen's University, Belfast, b. 13 March 1933, M. Kathleen Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Coey.

2.  William Rickards, O.B.E., M.C., Order of St. Sava (Servia), educ. T.C.D., Major, R.A.M.C., served in World War I (despatches), Director of Chemical Warfare, m. Emily Frances, dau, of W. J. Valentine, senior classics master, Portora, by whom he had issue :

(1) John Rickards M.B.E., Major, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (retd.), (8 Moor-house Close, Upton-by-Chester), b. 6 July 1910 at Dalhousie, Punjab ; served with K.A.R. in Abyssinian campaign, World War II ; m. 1st. Margaret Louise, dau. of Reginald F. Maitland (marr. diss 1949), by whom he had issue a dau.,

      Maureen Angela, (19 Pope's Grove, Twickenham) m. 26 Mar. 1956 at Westminister Cath., Marcus Ciappara, and has issue 3 sons and i dau. He m. 2ndly, Audrey, dau. of William Lane, Secretary to the Hon. the Irish



222 She used to submit the melodies she gathered to well-known composers e.g. Sir C. Stanford, Plunket Greene, for arrangement. Her `Molly Brannigan' was a special favourite of Greene's.

223 Walford, County Families (1886) p. 880. The name was originally Ricardo (per Major J.Rickards Galwey).